Monday, October 13, 2014

We're Building A House!

It's been a long process trying to build this house and it's taken way longer than we would have thought.  But here we are.  Almost nine months later and we have signed our contracts, made our payments and settled on a house plan! We should break ground sometime in the next two weeks and our house will be filled with our little family just in time for summer.


We're really only a couple of miles from where we are now as we looked up and down for property next to Grand Valley where Jeff works.  Not only are we only about a mile and a half from the school but we also happen to be right on the lake will be perfect for Noah and our future kids as well and Jeffs triathlon training.  No more swimming in the school pool in the summer!

Noah obviously is really excited about this house too. =)  He has no idea what's going on, but this house will be our forever house and probably the only house Noah will remember so I know it'll be special for him as he grows up.  I'm excited to document the building and decorating of this house as it's really a dream come true for me.  I've always wanted to have complete say in building my house and I'm lucky to have a husband who has been able to give this to me.

The thing I've already learned about building a home is that it's expensive and apparently my taste is expensive too!  My biggest challenge will be to get everything I want in the budget we've set for ourselves.   And of course as this isn't only my house I'll have to compromise a little along the way with Jeff. (Although he knows I always win out in the end. =)

So wish us luck because we have a long road ahead of us and lots of decisions to make!

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