Thursday, February 26, 2015

Morning Cuddles

I don't often wake up with Noah since I'm already at work, but when I do, my favorite time is right after he wakes up before we leave his bedroom.  The first thing he does when he wakes up is take his little dogs out of his crib and throw his blanket overboard making sure his bed is clear.  He's just so excited to see you and ready to start his day. 

This cold weather in the last month has really messed with his night sleep.  He got too cold in his regular pjs and even with the heat turned up he wasn't comfortable.  So we switched to some flannel pjs and added socks and a tee shirt underneath to add a little warmth and that has seemed to do the trick.  Even once we got that figured out he would still wake up in the middle of the night all wet and shivering from being wet so we went up another diaper size and fixed that problem. (cross your fingers) I was telling Jeff recently, it seems like Noah used to sleep a lot better when he was younger.  He's so much more aware of what's going on and will make a complaint about it at night.  We're getting up at least once a week with a night problem. 

And while we turned up the heat for Noah, it's been super hot for us.  Between the heat and the getting up, this momma needs some sleep! 

But it's so different now getting up in the middle of the night than it was before.  I don't mind it nearly as much, and I look forward to the cuddles I'll get as we rock.  I'm sure if we get to have another child I'll definitely cuddle them more at night than I did with Noah.  Cuddle them more anytime really.  Sometimes I wonder if you love your kids more the longer they're with you, because that's how I feel about Noah. 

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