Thursday, July 23, 2015

DIY: How To String Globe Lights on Your Patio

This is seriously, the easiest and most awesome project we have done to the house yet.  I also think we're finally completely done with the deck, so another room we can check of our list.  The cost for putting up the globe lights is minimal so everyone could do this even to a smaller porch or deck.  The lights light up the deck just enough for some mood lighting but aren't as bright as the patio lights which makes it super nice to relax and sip some moscato before bed. Here is what we did, and the sources at the end.

We bought three 2x1x8 and attached them to the deck rail with two screws where the post meets the top of the deck and at the bottom where the post meets the floor.  That seemed sturdy enough to hold the lights and stand up to storms and such.  We measured ahead of time by laying out the lights hooked together to make sure we would had enough lights to make it the whole length.  I'm glad Jeff had us do this because we would not of had enough length for my original "x" plan.  Instead we did more of a triangle and that worked great.

We placed one hook about two inches down from the top of each post.  A small screw in hook.  They came in a pack of three so it was perfect.  Now all you have to do is string your lights and plug them in.  It was that easy.  Total price was around $10 for the lumber and hooks but we bought five posts and six hooks so really it costs a little less.  We got the string lights as a gift so we didn't have to spend money on them but they are pretty cheap anyway so they wouldn't add too much for the budget. 

Overall a pretty simple project and it took us half of a nap time to complete so really super fast.  (like a half hour)  The sunsets are awesome overlooking our deck and now their even better.  Really makes you slow down and enjoy the summer nights. 

String Lights 25Ft x2
Three 2x1x8
Three small screw in hooks
Deck Sources:
Sectional (Seafoam)
Metal Table
Chairs (Seafoam)
Wooden Lattice Tray/ Target - sold out/Similar
Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses

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