Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tawas for the Fourth

We've really only gone to one place on the Fourth and that's always Jeffs parents.  You can't really beat being on Lake Huron and having the beach all to yourself.  Although with the rising water this year is wasn't nearly as fun.  Setting the beach aside, I love that most years all of the family is together in one place.  It's always busy and fun and it sure does make it easy to take care of a toddler that always has something to do.  Please forgive the heavy picture post but Noah is just too cute not to share.  Just like last year, Noah loved the parade and we've been making a huge deal out of the police and fire so we got him super pumped up for when they came.

Other highlights of the weekend included playing with cousin Allis' chickens, playing with all the cousins, especially Drew, walking on the pier, putting on a play for the grown ups, getting some Marions ice cream and playing on the beach.

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