Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wedding Weekend Recap

Yes, I know, it's Wednesday, and it's taken me this long to post pictures of the wedding.  But seriously, I'm still recovering.  The wedding was great and much less stressful that I thought it was going to be.  We kept Noah with us at the reception and he lasted 'till about 1030 before I took him back to the hotel.

For the most part he slept pretty good but half of both the nights he was in bed with us. I love that he sleeps so soundly next to us and really I just love sleeping with him but I really could use less kicking and using me as a pillow.   I don't get how you can put a child on one side of a king bed and they make it perpendicular all the way to the other. The best part though is when he got up both mornings and sits up and looks right in your face like, "hey mom! You're here! I love it!" and then repeatedly says, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" Ya, I get it, you're awake.  I would like to sleep 'till nine please.

Noah and I really enjoyed playing with the cousins.  It was nice to have kids around for Noah to play with.  He's still calling for "dru" throughout the day.  I'm sure he's going to miss him a lot.

We have a couple more weeks 'till our next wedding in Nebraska.  Talk about a long ride with a two year old!  Neither of us are getting married though so at least we'll be able to take care of Noah instead of pawning him of to family.  Noah will get to see his cousins again so I'm sure we wont stop talking about "Dru" 'till after!

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