Thursday, July 2, 2015

Master Bath Reveal

It's looking better and better around the house and it feels so good to get things checked of the list. The master bath was one of the easiest to finish up since we didn't have to buy much to get it in shape.  A couple of bath rugs and towels and that was all.

I'm not once hundred percent in love with the tile in the shower and I wish I would have gone lighter, especially with the dark wall color which I love.  We didn't make a lot of mistakes while building this house but this tile is something I wish I could have changed.  Jeff loves the dark in the bathroom which I guess makes sense since it's more manly than most of the house.  He talked me into keeping the dark blue mostly because I also like the color, but I'm still thinking if the tile can't be changed, which it can't, then maybe a lighter color would brighten things up.

Either way, the shower itself was everything we hoped for.  We opted out of a bath for the bigger shower with two shower heads and it's really just amazing.  The best part is there is enough room to take family showers which is so fun and way less work at bathtime.

At our old house we had a shower mirror/radio that I really wanted to get into but couldn't because of the terrible reception and really terrible design for choosing stations.  It would take me at least three minutes just to figure out what station I was on.  Luckily, Speak Stick sent us a nifty little blue tooth speaker to test out and it's working out waay better than that old radio shower.  My favorite is I can finally pick whatever music I want from my phone.  Weather it's a playlist or a radio station I can literally choose whatever I want and it takes no time at all.

And even though it's a reveal and most of the bathroom is done, I technically still a couple of things I would like to finish up.  We need a little art work above the toilet and maybe a little plant would look cute.  These air plants seem easy enough and also clean so that's a plus. But really, I should have jumped on this moss wall before we started building our house. I wonder how hard it would have been to keep up because I love the pop of color the green brings to an all white bathroom.  Maybe next house.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by SpeakStick by SmartMixture.  All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support my little corner of the web. 

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