Thursday, March 27, 2014

Noah First Haircut

Noah’s hair was getting ridiculously long.  To the point where I've actually gotten my scissors out to do some trimming in the back and the sides.  That worked out great about two months ago when he wasn't so squirrely.  I attempted to cut his last a couple of days ago and failed miserably the first shot I took.  Obviously a moving child and scissors without outside entertainment is not a good combination for a great cut.  Soo... I finally went to a real salon and got Noah’s haircut.

Here we have his before hair... nice and long... and still looking decent before I decided to take my scissors to it.  Notice also, finally wearing big boy pjs. =) So excited for warmer weather where he can actually wear them to bed!

So anyway, he did great at the salon.  We were in and out in less than fifteen minutes. Our hairdresser did a great job.  He just sat on my lap and ate some yogurt bites and of course ate some hair while at it... but we got it done.  And now he looks like a little man!  

Of course we took a bizzilion pictures to send daddy while he was away.  We were really happy with the result as you can see.

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