Saturday, March 29, 2014

Could it be Spring yet?!

We've been cooped up in the house for like eight months now and it's super starting to wear on everyone I know. You really take the sun for granted until you don't have it for weeks on end. It's been so bad that I've given up on entertaining Noah in the house and gave in on his most disgusting habit. Playing with the cords on the blind.  Can you really blame me? It keeps him occupied for at least fifteen minutes and that's hooouuurrrs in mom time.

What's even more funny, is as I'm walking in my pitch dark bedroom last night before bed and I realize that somehow Noah had tangled the cords on the laundry basket we have right next to the windows... so bad that I couldn't get them to shut.  I had to settle for half shut blinds and hope that today it wouldn't take me an hour to undo what Noah did in just a couple of minutes.  I knew better than let him play with those so I guess that's what I get. 

And I'm seriously looking at the weather forecast today thinking, could we possibly have two days next week that are almost sixty?! This is crazy!  As I've said for literally the last moth, summer really needs to get it's ass in gear 'cause I'm starting to get grumpy.  And it may have finally listened to me. =) So thanks!

Of course after hearing about this weather, I went on a little shopping spree for Noah. I always thought if I had a girl I'd be in trouble shopping wise and I would never have this issue with a boy.  I was sooo wrong. Makes me wonder what kinds of problems I will have if I ever have a girl!
I also couldn't leave without getting a couple of things for myself... so here's some more warm weather inspiration for me and the bear.

By the way, those camo pans rock.  They are super soft and have the cutest zipper details. This will for sure be a staple in my closet during the chilli summer nights I'll be spending sipping some moscato on the porch.
Probably sipping on THIS recipe. Could I make the whole thing and just stick in the the fridge?!  Would I drink it fast enough not to loose it's bubbles?  ....we shall find out!

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