Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Swimming in the Pool & Looking Forward to Spring

I'm already looking forward to spring time and warmer weather. Especially after yesterday.  Jeff and I took Noah to the pool for the first time. On the way over I of course was convinced he would have a major freak out the moment his feet touched the water and I wouldn't even get a chance to get in.  But I was wrong. Great for Noah, but not so great for me.  I had to suck it up and wear a bathing suit for the first time since giving birth.  You'd think nine months would be plenty, but it's not.  Physically, not that bad, but mentally, it's hard to wrap your mind around, "you used to be 25 pounds heavier but I don't look like that anymore".  It stung for a hot minute, and then I got over it. I snapped a couple of pictures and in to the water we all went!

He loved it so much and splashed and kicked the whole time.  And then the swim team started practicing and Noah was just trying to keep up. Future swimmer in the making.  Or at least a triathloner like daddy. Is that even a word? it is.

So anyway, then I got thinking how fun it's gonna be to get Noah outside with the warmer weather and thank goodness he doesn't freak out when he sees water.  Although Lake Michigan will be a lot colder due to all the snow still about six feet tall on our driveway...  Regardless, we'll be able to take walks, and play in the backyard, and he can help me with the garden and eat all my tomatoes... I see it already and I love it. 

Best part for me though, other than seeing the sun finally and getting rid of this cabin fever, is all the great clothes to wear in the spring.  It's the time for shorts with sweatshirts, cozy sweaters with flip flops, and lots of pastels and pretty pinks!  I've already started my clothing watch list full of tons of crazy prints which I'm sure Jeff will question me about.

Here's to warmer weather! (currently 15, feels like 4) Ugh

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  1. Aww, those are precious pictures with the family!!
    Little kids having a blast in a pool is priceless, and when they're afraid then realize how fun it is. Hehe.

    I love your spring favorites!! I need to get a pair of flats like that.