Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One Year Birthday Announcements

As you guys know, our little baby Noah is no longer little, or a baby, as he finally turned one.  We had such a great time celebrating his birthday with a lot of friends and family who were able to come.  We felt bad though that not everyone could make it and we wanted them to still get to see our grown up little boy.

It's seems now that with the internet, social media like facebook, and even here on blogger, even people who are far away can still mildly keep in touch.  But that's just not the same thing as something you can hold and touch.  Something you can see on your fridge in the morning when you're making breakfast and drinking your coffee.  Plus, as my grandma always tells me, "Grandpa talks to Noah every morning on the fridge and gives him kisses"  I always laugh picturing this... but really, that's what family really wants.

Tiny Prints was so kind to offer us the perfect solution to our problem.  A one year birthday announcement similar to those you send out at birth.  Tiny Prints had so many options, that we were able to change much of the wording for a birth announcement to something that worked for a one year announcement.  The Precious Hello announcement was perfect for us.

I've been ordering from Tiny Prints, as well as Shutterfly since Jeff and I got married.  We've made invitations, birth announcements, thank you cards and photo-books since the very beginning.  They always do such a good job and their quality is beyond.

And as usual, the announcements turned out amazing.  We we're so excited to send them out to our most loved friends and family that live waaaay too far away to enjoy our tiny human.  I'm sure they will love them as well. And I'm also sure my grandpa will just have one more picture on the fridge to kiss and talk to every morning. 

Tiny Prints was kind enough to supply us with these wonderful announcements but all opinions are my own.

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