Thursday, July 17, 2014

Discovering Nature as a Toddler

I miss Noah more and more as I leave for work in the morning.  I just know how much fun he is right now and I love watching him as he finds new things.  The way he figures out how cups stack or what milk feels like between his fingers.  It's the little things we don't think about that he's really starting to figure out. 

After dinner last night we headed out to the backyard to walk around and hang out.  We were pretty late to plant the garden this year so it's just really starting to take of.  The lettuce just half came up.  I think the birds night have found some of the seed.  I'm too lazy to care this year.  We also planted some broccoli for the first time this year.  I'm pretty sure the bunnies found those plants.  As usual I'm just counting on the tomatoes and arugula for Jeff.  Those are always sure wins.  Noah didn't seem to mind that our garden was lame though.  He picked at the lettuce and arugula and tried to eat it.  Can't say I blame him though; it does look pretty good.

It wasn't long until Noah moved on from the garden so I made him head towards the back of the yard.  It looks so much fuller than in previous years.  Much better I will say.  Noah loved the little daisies and even picked one for me.  Then he picked most of the others ones and stomped on them so who knows...  maybe he doesn't like flowers. =)

Once Noah heard Daddy on the deck it was all over for me.  The kid is obsessed with Jeff.  What can I say.  He is a pretty good dad. 

Over the Fourth, Noah discovered the steps and he's been trying to master them ever since.  He's got the going up pretty well but I think his legs are a little too short for going down.  That doesn't stop him though.  He steps right of one step to the next like it's no big deal and he just hopes someone is there to catch him.

It was soon time for bath and a cute little nakey baby running around.  You'd think he would have been warn out by all the fun but I'm pretty sure he had another two good hours if we would have let him. Crazy kid.

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  1. This is cute! My little girl turns two next month and so far she is fearful of nature but maybe that will change soon!