Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Mom Style

Before having children, I loved to get dressed up to leave the house.  Really, other than my work uniform and my comfy clothes at night, I jumped at any moment to wear nice clothes and to look somewhat fashionable. Now though, I really struggle finding a balance with looking good and wearing clothes that can get messy and dirty; and now in the summer, don't make me a huge sweat ball.

So I've rounded up the cutest, mom friendly clothes I could find that fit the bill.  Keep in mind we don't have California weather.  Also, chances are that I have to sit crossed legged, run or bend over... Who knew dressing as a mom could be so tough. 

Ok, so my mom uniform tends to be shorts and tees, but really, is there anything easier than that?  I like to be comfortable, cute, but most importantly I need to be able to play with Noah.  

The Target tees I've lived in since way before I was pregnant or even thought about children.  You can dress them up or down and are so versatile.  I also like to throw in a couple of cute tanks here and there.  Like this banana tank.  I just recently discovered the Old Navy shorts.  They have a pretty good amount of stretch too so I would size down but that's what makes them sooo comfy.  

For shoes, I'm a sandals gal all the way.  I could buy them in every shape - design out there.  As long as they have a strap behind the foot so they stay nice and put.  I'm really loving these Kellie and Katie sandals.  You could really dress them up for date night and they come in so many colors.  And lastly, when you do finally have a second set of eyes watching your child and you don't have to do all the running, I would go for this cute maxi and girly it up a little.  Don't worry though, it's still a nice dark color so you wont see all the sticky fingers all over.


  1. Must-haves for sure!! Though, not a mom but I'd go by your list, anyday!!