Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ice Cream Fun, Walks on the Pier & The Parade

Fourth of July has come and gone so fast.  We had a great time up north but nothing beats a night in your own bed as far away as possible from a sleeping baby who makes way too much noise.  First thing we did when we came home was pop some laundry in and grocery shop. Man, our fridge was empty. 

We did have a great time this weekend.  What a difference a year makes and I must say how much more enjoyable it was having Noah be able to participate in our activities instead of constantly sleeping and nursing.  We started this long weekend with our Fourth of July parade.  We thought maybe Noah would be scared of all the loud noises but he loved every minute of it and I think because there was so much going on he stood or sat pretty still taking it all in.

They threw out some freeze pops and of course we had Noah take a nice big bite out of it.  It was so hot we gave him a couple of tastes but it must have been a little too cold for him.  It did make for some pretty funny pictures.

Of course it's never a complete trip to Tawas without some Marions Ice Cream, so we walked on by and grabbed some yummy cones

We let Noah try some, again, not a huge fan of the cold.

We finished our ice cream cones and headed towards the pier for a nice family walk.  This weekend had such mild weather.  It was perfect for being out and about.  It was even a little chilly out on the dock with all the wind.  I can't believe the amount of people actually swimming in the water.  Noah enjoyed the weekend though.  Happy baby, happy mom. Happy mom, happy husband.

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