Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bits & Pieces

I was going through a lot of the pictures of the house and realized it's really been all about the main floor and I've been lacking on the rest of the house, so I thought I would share some random shots of the rest of the house.

They finally installed the carpet around the house.  The stairs are all covered up and ready for Noah to walk all over them.  He's really getting very good and going up and down so I think we're not going to put up the baby gates in the new house and let him go wild.  Maybe a door knob stopper on his door in case he tries to leave his room, but otherwise I think he'll do just fine without the gates. (Also, do you see the wonky glass on the chandelier?  It's driving me bananas and I've got to get them straightened out!)  Of course I'm sure no one would notice except me, right?

The basement and master bedroom also have the same carpet as the stairs, but apparently I've been slaking in taking updated pictures.  The colors turned out nice though.  Pretty close to what I expected which is so hard to do just looking at paint chips.  For the most part (other than the master bath...which I'll get into another day) we really lucked out.

Next up we've got the kids bathroom and mudroom/laundry room. Both in the same dark grey color. I'm torn with this color because I love the dark against white contrast but we failed to acknowledge the lack of windows in either space and this color really looks great under natural light as opposed to indoor light.  In the meantime though, I think it'll stay.

And lastly, a sneak peak at the deck which was just finished yesterday.
(That lake is still looking super cold!)
...and now, back to catch up on some Scandal!

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