Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Bunny and Weekend Activities

It was Noah and I again for the last couple of days and therefore my lack of blog updates.  Kids keep you busy for sure and when I did have down time I took advantage by napping or catching up on some Real Housewives.  Jeff left us Thursday through Saturday and Noah and I tried to keep busy to pass the time as quickly as possible.  We met some friends at the mall on Thursday for some reading time at Barnes & Noble.  We stopped by to see the Easter bunny, which after the tragedy of Santa I thought we would admire from afar.  He did seem pretty intrigued though so maybe next year we'll stop by and say hi. 

To let of some steam we played in the mall play place for the first time.  And let me tell you what total chaos that is! I've never been so scared for Noahs safety his entire life then in that hour.  The kids are running over and into each other non stop with no regard to what anyone else is doing.  The slides are just accidents waiting to happen and I've never seen so many kids fall over and over again.  But the best part, I didn't see one child cry.  Everyone was so excited and happy they didn't even care they were being trampled.  Noah had a great time and was super upset when we left but we made up with a group lunch date to Panera and that was enough to make up for leaving.   At least to me. 

Friday, we spent most of the day packing up loads in the car and moving them to the new house.  Mostly everything from the closets made it over and a couple of kitchen things.  Noah was kind enough to be a great child and hang out watching the landscaper level the yard and I walked in and out from the car a million times.

By the end of the day on Friday both Noah and I started to get sick.  Maybe from all the hard work, but most likely from the stupid mall.  We both hit the couch as soon as we got home and got to sleep pretty early. Saturday we lounged all day waiting for daddy to come home so we could snuggle. And like that, the weekend was over.

This week will go super fast too as we look forward to moving day this weekend.  Today, we close on the sale of our current house and weather we like it of not we'll have seven days to get all of our junk out before the other family moves in.  Thursday and Friday, Jeff and I will slowly move all the little stuff we can put in our cars into the new house and although I do have to work on Saturday, all of the big things will be moving in the U-Haul then.  Sunday we'll be celebrating Easter and I'm sure I'll get no sleep as I spend every waking moment trying to organize and put away our entire life. Noah's room will be the first one to get settled and hopefully by the end of the week the rest of the house will take shape.

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