Thursday, March 12, 2015

Greek Avocado Dip

My sister Laura came up for a visit last weekend and when she's here you better believe we're making lots of food for her tape worms to consume.  She's also always trying to get me to work out with her so I figured I would give her a little bit of my workout routine and slam her with some Jillian.  She's way more fit than me but I kept up right next to her... maybe taking a couple more breaks, but Laura was sweating at the end of it so a success it was.

We also made a new recipe I thought I would share because it was really that yummy.  I'm sure to make it again, especially since it was so easy.  Greek Avocado Dip and some sweet potato fries for dipping.  Ugh, I so want some right now.

2 Avocados
1 Cup Low Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
1T Lime Juice
2T Parmesan Cheese
Salt + Pepper to taste

- In a medium bowl mash the ripe avocados to a paste. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and enjoy!
Seriously, it's that easy.

To make the sweet potatoes, we peeled three potatoes, sliced them into potatoes wedges and seasoned them with salt + pepper.  Drizzled some olive oil and tossed it all together onto a sheet pan. Popped them in the oven for 20 mins at 425.

Inspiration taken from Bobby Deen but we added a yummy extra and made it even easier.

We worked out, got a great sweat on, and ended our afternoon with the most amazing appetizer before dinner. I'll be making these in the next week for sure.

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