Monday, March 9, 2015

Twenty-One Months

Time is flying and Noah is growing everyday.  He's big and strong and a super smart kid.  Sleep is still going in and out and we're constantly trying to figure out the next sleep issue. I'm starting to get used to disruptive nights and maybe it's just payback for all the good sleep he had as a newborn.  This week we're forecasting a couple of days in the mid fifties and I can't wait to get Noah out to see the sun.  I'm already starting to think ahead to this summer and how much fun we're going to have.  The lake is going to be a new thing for him, especially to be able to be around it every day.  Since we're moving so close to the spring we'll be doing lots of yard work outside and Noah will be enjoining every minute.

In the meantime we're trying to keep as busy as possible inside chipping away at the days 'till warm weather. Noah's finally gotten into all his stuffed animals that have been piling dust since he was born.  He plays pretend with them and makes them kiss each other and mommy.  So cute.

And as he grows he's getting so much stronger.  I really wonder how long it'll be before he's stronger than me.  It wont be long!  In the picture above he was trying to pull daddys legs around the living room after seeing mommy do it.  I could barely do it, Noah just lifted up Jeffs' feet.  It's the effort that counts.

  • Stats: Size 6 Diapers | 2T-3T clothing
  • Size: 33.5 lbs
  • New Abilities: We're working on jumping.
  • New Words: Only new word is "baba" although I have no idea what it means. 
  • Sleep: We're still pretty normal. 7:30pm-7:30am.  One nap around 1 for about an hour and a half to two.
  • Mom Check-In: Gosh I am so ready to move into our new house.  Every time we go over I just want to sit on the floor and hang out.  Not much longer though.  T-one month!
We'll finish up our update with a fun Noah video. =)

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