Thursday, September 10, 2015

27 Months

I figured since we're a quarter way through Noah's third year it would be a great time to document some changes.  Most notable is that he finally talks!  There is no way on his second birthday that I thought he would be talking as much as he is today.  We have conversations! We knew that although he was slower at picking up speech he would eventually learn, but I don't think we thought it would happen so quickly!

He's really stretched out and really not gained much at all since his two year appointment.  It's a good thing though because the doctor told us he was overweight and we "needed to talk about food habits and exercise..." Not fun to hear as parents.  We do live a healthy life though, eating and playing outside a ton so we knew that wasn't the issue and we just needed to give him a little more time, but still hard to hear. Sure enough he's gained a couple of inches the last three months and I'm sure the doctor would be much happier if we went in for a checkup today.  

  • Stats: Size 6 Diapers | 3T-4T clothing
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Random Notes: Like I said above his speech has made a ton of progress.  He uses sentences and can clearly communicate most of the time.  Sometimes though he says things that sound like words and I'm sure he's saying something specific but we have to ask him to show us so we know what he's talking about.  One of the most surprising things I've noticed is his memory.  He's so great at recalling things that we've talked about and will repeat them over and over and tell you about them. We've found that most of his terrible sleeping is most likely due to daycare as those nights we're mostly the nights he slept bad.  Since switching to only two days a week now that school has started he's been sleeping much better and only getting up once in a while. I'm really hoping this continues.
  • Mom Check-In: This was one of the most fun summers I've had in a while.  Jeff and I had a pretty good work schedule set up and with Noah in daycare some days we were able to get a little extra sleep time and a little extra alone time to get things done.  It seemed that when we were together we really were about to enjoy our time instead of worrying about the million things we had to do.  I'm glad the school year has started for us because work is busier and more fun but the busy times also means less family time and less sleep.  The older Noah gets, the more fun we have together and although I still have times where I'm overwhelmed and under rested I'm definitely enjoying motherhood a little bit more. 
  • Looking Forward To: I'm really interested how this winter will be with Noah.  It scares me a little that we wont have as many options to spend time outside.  The weekends that Jeff works are long and we're going to need to find new activities to do.  As Noah gets older and is able to do more things I'm hoping we can do some art projects; maybe something we can put around the house.  This winter we'll be looking for the final decorating pieces for the house so there might be some shopping trips ahead for Noah and I.

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