Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Favorites

It's starting to cool down here in the evenings, high fifties, low sixties and that's making me so excited for fall.  I've been holding of taking out the fall tub because when it's warm, who wants to put out pumpkins?

I bought some felt balls to make some festive garlands for the house and I'm anxiously waiting for a fun little project for Noah and I.  It'll be perfect to work on our colors as he hands them to me.  Plus it's always cheaper when you make it yourself. Bonus.

The front door needs some decorating.  We've already got a massive mum plant which bloomed so awesome and big.  Now we needs a couple of pumpkins and a wreath and we'll be all set!  Pinterest has me all "goggle eyed", as Noah would put it, with all the fall front door inspiration.  I'm especially loving the one below.

For another small project that only takes a second I'm planning on putting our old flower vases to good use and filling them with some mini pumpkins.  They have all sorts of fun colors at the green house right now.  Fun side note story.  We went to pick up some new trees for our landscaping adventures this week and as soon as Noah pulls in he yells, "Red House!" because of course, it looks like a giant house painted red.  Then I murmured, "It's actually a green house", quietly... "Great job buddy!" =)  The rest of the day he would not stop talking about the big red house and how we almost got "all wedt" when the wind blew the rain water into the red house and we had to run out so as not to get wet.

Now, I better stop Pinteresting so much and just go pull out the fall tub and get to decorating.

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