Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sickies all Around and No Sleep

Let me tell you, the last month has been exhausting for me.  First of, these allergies these year are out of control.  I can't seem to get them figured out.  I got a prescription for them with only little success.  I've been popping over the counter allergy medicine and decongestants none stop.  Add in my vitamins and daily aspirin I feel like an old lady taking so much junk.  Especially since I've always been so anti-medicine.  I'm more of a suck-it-up type of person. Also, do you know that allergy medicine and decongestants have a side effect of restlessness? Would have been great if I knew that since I've been taking them right before bedtime.  The amount of sleepless nights in the month of August are ridiculous. 

On top of that, Noah has been refusing to sleep through the night waking up once of twice.  Missing mommy and daddy and not wanting to go back down, for pretty much the last six months; give or take a few days.  Jeff wouldn't admit we had a problem. That is until I started making a calendar of when Noah was waking up. Being the stat-man that Jeff is, he finally realized how not cool these wake ups were. 

But good news guys.  Now that google helped me clear up the medicine issue, like, maybe take them in the morning and not at night. Duh. I'm sleeping like a baby once again.  The best part though is we are on day five of Noah sleeping completely through the night.  Thank Goodness! And lets be real, when mommy sleeps, the world is happier. So on that note, I'm going to try and be much less crabby this month and enjoy the time I get at home with my little family...and hopefully Noah continues to sleep through the night. *fingers crossed*

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