Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

I love long weekends so much.  Especially those where both parents are home and not working.  Jeff surprised me Friday night and said he had taken Saturday off AND gotten a babysitter to watch Noah while we spent the day at ikea.  Best husband ever?  We spent most of the day on Saturday shopping and dinner dating and hanging out.  We touched every single thing in the store which is so great without kids.  We stared at the other parents during the super long lines and smiled because we didn't have grumpy, hungry, tired kids to take care of.  Sometimes it's just nice to get away and do things on our own.

Of course, there are not many trips to ikea that don't lead with hours of work afterwards, so on Sunday Jeff spent all morning putting furniture together while Noah and I hung around for entertainment. After nap time we headed out to the beach 'till dinner and enjoyed what the weather channel said will probably be the last really warm weather weekend of the year. 

We finished out the weekend with a long walk around Grand Valley to check out the new construction and let Noah run around.  It's been seven years since I graduated and so many things change every year.  They're always building new housing or classroom buildings and it just keeps getting nicer and nicer.  It's great that we live so close so we can visit and see all the changes.

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