Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day Off Shenanigans

On Monday, Jeff and I both had the day off and I had these great plans of getting a ton done and going downtown for ArtPrize and maybe even dinner outside.  Then Jeff had to sleep in extra since he got home late from work, Noah was being a pain in my butt and of course woke up early since he always does when he knows I'm home.  I was so grumpy by the time Jeff got up I didn't want to do anything.

I'm pretty sure the fertility medicine I'm taking is making me a total mess.  This is month four and every single month while I take my medicine I'm so grumpy and moody and I just don't feel like myself.  There are times I emotionally feel out of control and just want to cry, like everything is so terrible even though I know in my head there is nothing wrong.  The feeling you get when  you're under so much pressure and stress; except I know I'm just feels like it.  Sometimes I feel like I can handle not being able to get pregnant just fine.  I go about my day not really thinking about it much,  but some days, especially when I'm feeling a little extra grumpy and sad I wonder why it always seems like everyone else has such an easy time and I got stuck with all this extra work to have a little baby.

Lucky for me, I have an amazing husband who takes such good care of me. He never gets mad when I'm having a bad day and always wants to know how he can help.  Monday wasn't any different.  He hugged me, and asked me what he could do and he gave me a million options of activities for the day and told me we could do whatever I wanted to make me feel better.   So I took a shower, got myself together and went on with our day.

We stopped by a new doughnut place first that Jeff found with Noah on his daddy daycare adventures, then we ran some errands. Noah after only taking an hour nap was a total mess pretty much the whole time we were out.  Not that you would ever know that from these pictures, but there was a point in the middle of Lowes where Noah decided to lay in the middle of the floor and pound his little hands and feet in the ground because he was angry he couldn't push the cart when we didn't need it, and he couldn't bring the Halloween mickey home that they had set up, and I wouldn't pick his thirty five pound body for twenty minutes around the store.  Then I had to pick him up of the floor anyway and throw him over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes to the check out lane...which of course was the sloo-wweeest lane ever.  Noah took full advantage trying to sneak out of the store and getting into do not enter areas... *sigh*

We finally made it home after a whirlwind day.  We put Noah to bed, and Jeff and I finally sat on the couch watching some TV.  Then we only talked about how great Noah is and how funny he's been and repeating all the funny words he says. Makes me think maybe this is why we had such a hard time getting Noah; so we could really appreciate all the great things he brings into our lives.   This second baby seems to be taking even more effort than the last... but maybe that's because when he's finally here we'll really appreciate having two kids and we'll be able to forget the crappy parts of parenting.

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