Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Zoo Trip, Grandma Time & Lamb for Dinner

Here is the most random update of all time.  We've been doing lots of things but time keeps passing by and with work being so busy it's been tough to update.

Last week we stopped by the zoo on our day off work and let Noah run around.  He wasn't super impressed with the animals but he did enjoy the freedom to go wherever he wanted.  On the other hand, Aunt Molly and I were loving the animals.   Especially the monkeys.  Who doesn't love watching the monkeys?

We've been trying to spend as much time together as possible this last week.  Sneaking in a couple of hours here and there.   Jeff worked all day Saturday so Noah and I stopped by Grandmas house for the day to get some cuddles and grandma snacks.

We finally finished out our weekend stopping at the GR Downtown Market and picking up some rack of lamb for dinner on Sunday.  I love lamb and I always try to get it when we go to a nice restaurant but we were a little worried how we would cook it at home.   It turned out perfect though.  We served it with some cauliflower mash and it was delicious.

These fall weeks, They're so busy and they go so fast.  Noah is just growing up so quick.  We try to do as much as possible as a family when we can and really just soak in every moment.  I've been struggling lately with the transition of summer and lots of family time to piecing together time when we can.  I love set schedules and repetition; I know, boring, but I like knowing what's coming and the fall always throws that out the window.  So many changing schedules and overtime.  Daycare and babysitters cover a lot for us when we're working and things are changing.  To those parents that work 9-5... sometimes I wonder if they know how easy they really have it. Being at work all day and then coming home together as a family. I hope that some day we'll get to do that too and by then I'll probably forget how not cool it is now.  But I hope I don't forget too much because I'll need to remember how grateful I will be for having two parents at home taking care of life together.

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