Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christmas is Just Around the Corner!

Well, I did finally get down to the basement to start some Christmas decoration making.  I started with a quilt top, but had to stop because I ran out of my pretty red Kona fabric so instead I moved on to some matching pillow covers.

Pillow covers are done and on the pillows!  I don't think my husband was nearly as excited as I was though as he pointed out there were still two other holidays ahead of Christmas to celebrate. Oh well, I'm still keeping them in the living room.  AND, I also got my new red curtains for the holidays in the mail yesterday so I'm pretty pumped to start decorating. =)



Sunday, October 16, 2011

Slouchy Bag Reveal

And finally, as promised way too long ago, the reveal to the slouchy bag!

It looks just like I had imagined.. now it just needs a home. =)
The front has the cute little pouch with a velcro closure and the back has a mini zippered pouch great for storing lots of little items that you don't want to fall out. 

This bag also features some sewed on sinchers on the side to give it the slouchy look.  How fun!

Want some more pictures and a link to the listing?!  Check out my ETSY posting!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm Alive

I promise, I'm alive! 

Fall is just such a busy time at work it's almost impossible to get any sewing done.  That, and I think I need some new inspiration for some sewing projects.  So, that's my new goal in the next week or so, I really have to get down to that basement and start something new up!  Plus, I did re-decorate the sewing space so I should probably use it. =)

On another note, check out my amazing garden. 



Note to self:  Next year, make sure you space out the tomatoes and peppers from.... well... anything else since they take over everything. Not too shabby for the first year!