Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1st Quilt of the Year

I was really slaking last year with the whole sewing thing so I'm feeling pretty good already starting this first one. Thankfully I had enough scraps of old fabric and I didn't have to buy anything new. That's always a good feeling.  

So far I've just finished the quilt top and now I've got to figure out what to use for a back and binding.... Let the search commence!

Any thoughts on what pattern to quilt this? 
I'm thinking maybe just straight lines.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Ugh, it's been almost two months since my last post...  It's seems like I've neglecting this but really I haven't!  I've been doing some hidden posts that I'll reveal here in the next month-ish.  Yay!

But for now I'd like to recap my wonderful 2012!

The year started out slow, lots of work for both the hubby and I but we had a great time this summer and fit a lot of activities in. 

 - We celebrated out 2nd wedding anniversary - and no we did not take a picture; how did that even happen?!

- We visited my sister out in Arizona and celebrated her graduation from college.

- We traveled to Texas to watch my college friend Sara get married.

© J&D Productions, LLC
 - We stopped at Ball State to watch my brother in law's baseball team. (He was a grad student for athletic training) 

...and while we were at Ball State we watched Andrew graduate with his masters degree.  We have such a smart family. =) (poor hubby stuck behind my giant heels, woops!)

- Celebrated Grand Valley by going to the Enrichment Dinner for the second year

- Re-did our office and moved it to the basement

- Went to Atlanta for a mini vacation and ate at lots of yummy restaurants, became part of dracon-con without even really knowing it and watched our first live NASCAR race.

- Celebrated our cousins wedding in the early fall.

© April Joy Galbreath  
 - Hubby was promoted to Sergeant.

- Visited Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

- And finally we finished the year up by celebrating another wonderful Christmas.

We had such a blessed year full of lots of family and vacations. 
We are anxiously waiting for this coming year, for lots more family time and fun vacations.