Monday, March 27, 2017

John Ball Zoo

We had quite the busy four day weekend this past couple of days and it was packed to the max with lots of fun activities.  I had some nice one on one time with Peyton on Thursday.  We ran lots of errands and snuggled on the couch in between way too short naps.  His poor little mouth hurts so bad since he's teething and some days are just worse than others.  Friday, the kids and I headed for the zoo and saw every-single-animal.  It sure made the day go by fast.  We brought some lunch and had a picnic and talked about all the animals.  We only had a slight meltdown when Noah realized the spider monkeys weren't at the zoo that day because it was still too cold.   I can't wait to come back when all the animals are back.  It'll be even more fun!

On Saturday we went to Michigan State to watch the boys high school basketball state finals. A tradition for Jeffs side of the family.  A long weekend filled with lots of basketball games.  Lucky for me we only joined them on Saturday.  I'm not much for basketball all day but it sure was fun with the boys.  Unfortunately a little colder than we hoped for but still a good time.

Finally, Sunday I was able to catch up on some sleep when Jeff got up with the kids and I slept in for an extra hour.  It sure felt nice to wake up on my own.  We relaxed in the morning, the kids got much needed naps and then we went to see a friend from college and her two kids; which by the way, four kids is a zoo!  It was so much fun!

I'm looking forward to a relaxing week, a couple of barre and yoga classes and maybe even a nap somewhere little early bedtime for one of the nights.  I've got to catch up from this crazy weekend! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Peyton - 31 Weeks

Noah 30 Weeks

Here we are four weeks later for an update.  Geez time flies.  Soon enough it'll be summer, Peyton will be walking, and we'll be enjoying the beach and walks in the neighborhood.
I looked at Noahs 30 week update; I love to see how the two boys compare at the same age.  Noah was bigger but Peyton is way more mobile.  He can crawl! He rolls and has been rolling for a long time now.  He's impossible to change a diaper without holding him down and without a fear of him escaping.  Noah was just not like that.  Maybe because he was so big he didn't move.  It's so funny how Peyton is constantly trying to get away.  Mostly to chase a toy, or a brother or any other interesting object in the house.
But really, Peyton is such a good baby. We couln't have asked for an easier kid.  Maybe he'll give us the hard time when he's a teenager?

  • How old is Peyton?: 31 Weeks - 7 Months
  • Peyton is how big?:  20 lbs | Size 3-4 diapers | 9mo clothes
  • Sleep: We're still going strong on sleep and he does a great job of sleeping through the night all 12 hrs. Thank goodness for babywise.  It's seemed to work with both of our kids and I'm so grateful for it. Still on the same schedule for now.  He's lengthening his awake time about 15mins more but otherwise the same.
 Up for the day around 7:30-8a
 Nap1.25-1.5 hrs later
 Nap 1: 1.5-2 hrs
 Up for 1.5 ish hours
 Nap 2: 1.5-2 hrs
 Up for 1.5 ish hours
 Nap 3: 1-1.5 hrs
(sometimes a catnap 20-30mins)
 Up until about 7p
 Down for the night around 7:15-7:30p
  • Milestones: Well the biggest milestone this month was his two bottom front teeth coming in!  What a little cutie.  I love to see babies with random teeth.  He's been teething for a while now and I'm just glad they popped out because you could tell it was really affecting his mood.  A little more grumpy and short.  A little whiny and very cuddly which I'll take... although he was never quite satisfied. He seems to be back to normal now that they're out.  Otherwise his crawling is getting much better.  He can get from one side of a room to another in a matter of seconds but not quite fast enough that I worry about him disappearing to another room. We really have to start thinking about that baby gate.... I hate baby gates.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: We'll, we've got about six more weeks in the school year.  Then it's summer. Summer schedule, summer life.  Time off, vacations planned.  What's not to be excited for.  We've got Mexico booked for May, Florida in July and all sorts of birthdays and other activities in between.  It's looking like a fun filled summer and I can't wait.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Gosh it's so crazy to see both of my kids loving on each other so much.  Peytons face lights up when Noah is around and I'm pretty sure he's perfectly content watching Noah run around the living room.  It's such entertainment for him.  Noah of course is such a little mother and wants to help with everything as long as Peyton doesn't touch him with his slobbery hands.  Noah reads him books and helps him get unstuck in the walker.  Picks up his toys when he drops them.  It's the best.  I keep saying now for sure we need to have a girl.  I mean, who wouldn't want two big brothers? ...and then part of me says another boy wouldn't be so bad as long as they all love each other as much as these two do, right?