Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I'm really not super into Halloween and my favorite part about this holiday has always been to be at work.  I loved how busy it was and all the crazy calls we got. Since Noah didn't really get what it was all about the last couple of  years we've never really celebrated, but now we don't have a choice.  Noah totally gets it and now that he's been able to experience getting all the free candy, I don't think we'll ever get away with forgetting about it.

We went to Grand Valley and walked around the housing area where all the students were giving out candy.  Noah had a blast and was super cute heading to all the kids' apartments.  We made out with some really good candy which I'm super excited to steal.

Noah was really set on being a princess for the longest time and although a little leery I thought I would go with it.  Plus Peyton would have made a great frog.  Eventually, after walking around target we discovered a DocMcstuffins costume and he was insistent he wanted to be her.  No problem, plus I had a coupon.  Score.  When we went to try it on we realized it was super small and only came in one size.  Crazy enough, Noah had no problem wearing another doctor outfit and so we settled on that. Next year though, matching costumes for the kids.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Peyton - 12 Weeks Old

Noah 12 Week Update

Man, it's been five weeks since a Peyton update?  If that doesn't scream second child, I don't know what does.  Peyton is growing up so fast and getting so strong.  He smiles and talks all the time and really is just a happy baby.  We can't complain with how easy he's been.

  • How old is Peyton?: 12 Weeks
  • Peyton is how big?:  Just over 14lbs | Size 2 diapers | Just moved to 3-6mo clothes
  • Sleep: So sleep has been super weird the last five weeks.  We went from amazing 9ish hours of sleep at night to waking up random.  Partly because he's managed to get out of the swaddle and apparently can't handle sleeping without it. He's still going down at 7 and sleeping 7-9 hours most of the time and then getting up around 7-8 so not too bad but you just never know when he's going to get out of the swaddle and then we have to wake up anyway to re-swaddle him. I can't wait till the swaddle phase is over.  During the day he takes good naps and we eat about every three hoursish.  His longest awake time is at night from about 5:15-7 and then he's back down for the day. 
  • Milestones: Nothing super new.  He has rolled over both ways but only twice from back to belly.  He can sit in the bumbo on his own and I may have even let him try some apple sauce which he likes.  I can't wait to introduce solids.
  • Best Moment of the Week:  We've been so busy, but honestly one of the great things about Peyton is how he just adapts to whatever is going on.  He's such an easy-going baby.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: October is almost over! ...which means Jeff will be home more often, things will slow down and we'll all get to spend some good family time together; that is if GV football team doesn't go to playoffs. *eye-roll*  Otherwise, there's Thanksgiving and Christmas which I'm super excited for.  Lots of time off and lots of family!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our First Trip to the ER

It's been quite the couple of days.  On Thursday I was getting ready to go to my barre class; I had Peyton fed and ready to go, we were all packed, and I got a call from school that Noah had bumped his head and  had to pick him up because he probably needed stitches.  Of course I didn't think it would be that bad but we stopped by school and sure enough it granted a trip to the emergency room.  I packed up both boys and spent a nice two house visit at the ER.  Luckily everything went great, the hospital staff was amazing and Noah was super brave after getting his four stitches.

Jeff worked all weekend so the boys and I kept busy with Target trips, a visit from Papa Bill and Aunt Jenny, lots of help from Noah with baking and cooking, and lots of post nap snuggles with the kids. Our week ahead is just a busy with both Jeff and I working lots.  Noah has his Fall Harvest Festival in which he'll be singing some songs with his class.  I'm super excited to watch him and he's super excited to be able to show me how good he sings.  We've been practicing around the house for the last two weeks singing the same songs over and over and he's ready to go!

Peyton keeps getting bigger and bigger every day too.  It's so much more fun this time around.  Maybe Noah hanging out and me going back to work early has made a difference but I'm really enjoying being with Peyton so much more while he's this little.  He talks and smiles and is such a happy baby.  I don't even remember what life without him was like. So here's to another busy weekend.  Hope that we all make it all in one piece and no more injuries would be great.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Adventures

I promise I'm still here and alive.  I feel like I should have time to update on here but somehow when I get to work I'm actually doing work things or the million other things on my to-do list. We're still chugging along this fall semester.  It seems as busy as ever with Jeff still working a ton and now with two kids.   I've been making an effort to get out of the house and do more activities when Jeff isn't home and that's proven to make time go by faster which is nice.  We've done a couple of family yoga classes, art classes and a couple of trips to the park.  By far Noah's favorite, although closely followed by the art classes.  I've been heading out to Barre classes which I'm obsessed with.  They're such a great workout and I just can't get enough.

We do sometimes get to spend time together as a family and last week we headed out to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins, cider and lots of apples for applesauce.  Noah's biggest concern was getting his doughnut before we left, not really the pumpkins.   He was a good helper though walking around looking for the best one.  We loaded up the pumpkins, picked up some cider and a ton of apples and finally headed home with two happy kids.  So, success!

Next on our list is to carve the pumpkins which should be quite the adventure with Noah this year.  I wonder if he'll be brave enough to stick his hands inside.  Part of me thinks he will just want to go at it with the saw and "help".