Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh So Pretty

It's just getting so nice outside. The last week or so it's been so warm around here that we turned our heat off and been blasting our fan at night to get the cool air in.  It's so great.  We did some major yard work out back trying to get some of the big bushy nasty trees out and hopefully soon we can add a couple of new trees that look much better. Plus, we're gaining some more grassy area which is always nice when you need space to toss the football around with your hubby. ;-)

It's started to get awfully green outside for only being March.  I couldn't resist taking some pretty instagram pics of our back yard. Everything looks so much better outside in the Spring. 

By the way, anyone else use Instagram.  I think I'm in love.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lot's of everything but sewing....

I have not got much sewing done even though I currently have a list full of items to make.  I have however been doing a lot of everything else.  Some shopping, baking, decorating and lots of photo taking.  So, since I can't seem to update with anything sewing related you'll have to settle for lots of everything else. 

Last week I made some very anticipated spanish churros.  I remember having these on the streets of Madrid when I was a little girl, they were warm and sugary and tasted delicious with some dark thick chocolate... yummm... Jeff and I also recently had a version of them at a restaurant a couple of weeks back and I just HAD to have some.  

Unlike the spanish version, we dipped ours in some white chocolate lemon sauce. 
It was .AmazinG.
Just like when I was a little girl, but way better because I made them all by myself. 

But, that's not all.  This week a got a lot of spring things done.  Well, mostly spring shopping. 
I went to the mall and picked up some bright fun shoes...

....and replaced our winter living room decor with some new peppy spring decor.
So, all in all, a pretty successful couple of weeks.
Maybe I'll get to the sewing next month. =)