Monday, June 27, 2016

Father Day Weekend

Sometimes I'm totally on top of things, but most of the time I feel like I'm a total slacker.  Especially posting pictures and updates on the blog.  I'm just going to blame it on this growing belly and my desire to accomplish nothing other than rest.
We had an awesome fathers day weekend two weekends ago, not to mention it was also our six year anniversary.  We didn't have huge plans for either other than just spending lots of good family time together.   There just wont be that many more weekends where it's just us three anymore. We let Jeff sleep in while we made waffles in the morning.  We hung out around the house and headed out to our favorite restaurant Six.One.Six downtown.  We walked around the city a little bit and I snapped some pictures of the boys.  Both of them just such happy boys together.  Noah took a nice long nap and then we headed out to the beach as usual to enjoy some fun in the sun.  We made sure to give Daddy lots of hugs and kisses and I was teaching Noah how nice we are on "Daddy's Day".  I love that he finally understands holidays and I think he was happy to make this a special day for Jeff too.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Grand Rapids Triathlon

One more triathlon down in the books for us this summer!  We have one more to go but it being around my due date, we'll see if I even make it.  Nothing will beat Jeff training for his half Ironman and us planning what we would do if we went in labor during the tri while I was pregnant with Noah.  There was lots of planning and points in the race for Jeff to look out for family in case of the news.  Lucky, or unlucky for him, I went into labor 36ish hours before the start of the race so Jeff was in the hospital with me, stayed for a little bit overnight while I got settled, and then got up to race.  What a crazy 48 hours that was. This year we were smart enough to only planned for Olympics so nothing that crazy should happen. =)

The GR Triathlon is probably one of the hardest races to watch in my opinion.  It's not really spectator friendly which is a bummer because there are so many people that come to watch.  The parking is way far away, the transition in super long and I feel like I just walk and walk all day.  Not my favorite thing to do while eight months pregnant.  Either way, Noah and I braved it out there and made the best of it.  I did end up walking around ten thousand steps so I definitely got my workout in for the day.

I love that this race is a family friendly finish.  Noah was super excited to run to the end with daddy and talked about it the whole day.  Plus, it's so great to see him finally getting the gist of these races and understand what cheering really is all about.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weekends at the Beach

When we first were looking into buying a lot to build a house we really just wanted something close to Jeffs' work and closer to the city where I work.  We wanted to be in a neighborhood close to people and have a lot that wasn't too big but maybe a little bigger than what we previously had so kids could run around and play.  We never thought we would buy anything on a lake and we really just didn't care that much anyway.  We looked a lot at different places around us, but most lots were super small or in locations without city water or they had to run electricity out to build.  Neither which was a total turn off but that was extra cost, and at least during storms it's nice to be somewhere with underground electricity.  We really only had a couple of lots to choose from since everyone around here is either buying up all the houses or building on the limited lots in the area.  We decided to go with our current location because although we had to install a well, they had electricity, was a mile from Jeffs' work, the lots were a great size and well, I guess the lake was a nice addition.
 Now that we're finally in the house, settled, and enjoying life with a beach, I can't believe we never really thought this was something we would love this much.  These summers are great, spending lots of time outside enjoining the water.  Especially as our family grows and our siblings also have kids that can come enjoy it with us.  Not to mention when we become grandparents and everyone gets to hang here all summer long.  We have big plans for a wooden deck near the beach, maybe covered with lounge chairs or a cabana... lots of flowers and beach grasses and string lights for night time. This week the landscapers are starting construction on our stone wall separating the beach from the grass area which will be a nice addition to the back yard.  Hopefully we'll be able to add some storage for beach toys and add some landscaping to soften up the wall once it's installed.  I don't think we realized that once we we're done with the house, we we're really done with the projects so these outdoor ideas we have will be continuous work for a couple of years until we're really settled in.

Until then though, we couldn't be happier with our choice for location. The beach has turned out to be such as asset to this house and we can't wait to throw parties, have people over and love the lake as much as we do.

Monday, June 13, 2016

GVSU Enrichment Dinner 2016

A little late, but here it goes anyway.  Every year we support Grand Valley by donating, and in return they always invite us to an awesome dinner thanking all the donors for all they do.  They do fun presentations about what's going on in the college and acknowledge a couple of really big supporters for different things.  We love to attend every year and this is our fifth? year going... It's so much fun to dress up and hang out with our friends, eat good food, and most years get some free drinks.   Of course this is the second year I was pregnant while attending but still super fun.  Thankfully I wasn't alone this year as two other ladies were also pregnant too so we could all share in the misery of finding a black tie dress and not drinking nearly as much as we would have loved.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Noah Turns 3!

Oh Man, this little kid just isn't so little anymore.  He's grown into a child right before my eyes.  He rides his big boy bike on his own.  He talks to me about his day, tells me all his favorite things, he hugs and kisses and snuggles all day long.  He's such a mamas boy and I miss him most of the time I'm at work.  Oh how things change.   It wasn't until recently that I've really wanted time to slow down.  I'm not ready for him to keep growing up quite yet.  This third year has been my favorite.
I'm so proud of what a sweet boy Noah has become.  He's polite and nice.  He plays hard but loves to snuggle and love on us too.  He's so funny and always tries to make other people laugh as much as possible.  Noah really is the best and I just know he will be the best big brother.

Happy Birthday Noah Bear!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Noahs Birthday Weekend

My little baby is growing up and we celebrated with a low key birthday party over the weekend even though Noah's birthday isn't 'till Wednesday.  Just a couple of family members and a little cake and dinner.  We opened presents, sang happy birthday and blew out some candles.  Noah was so much  more aware this year so it made it extra fun.  I made a ridiculous Doc McStuffins cake which took me three days and way too much planning but it was all worth it since Noah loved it.  Also awesome for us that Noah is still super into Doc because I had decorations left over from last year and that's really all he wanted anyway.