Monday, June 20, 2016

Grand Rapids Triathlon

One more triathlon down in the books for us this summer!  We have one more to go but it being around my due date, we'll see if I even make it.  Nothing will beat Jeff training for his half Ironman and us planning what we would do if we went in labor during the tri while I was pregnant with Noah.  There was lots of planning and points in the race for Jeff to look out for family in case of the news.  Lucky, or unlucky for him, I went into labor 36ish hours before the start of the race so Jeff was in the hospital with me, stayed for a little bit overnight while I got settled, and then got up to race.  What a crazy 48 hours that was. This year we were smart enough to only planned for Olympics so nothing that crazy should happen. =)

The GR Triathlon is probably one of the hardest races to watch in my opinion.  It's not really spectator friendly which is a bummer because there are so many people that come to watch.  The parking is way far away, the transition in super long and I feel like I just walk and walk all day.  Not my favorite thing to do while eight months pregnant.  Either way, Noah and I braved it out there and made the best of it.  I did end up walking around ten thousand steps so I definitely got my workout in for the day.

I love that this race is a family friendly finish.  Noah was super excited to run to the end with daddy and talked about it the whole day.  Plus, it's so great to see him finally getting the gist of these races and understand what cheering really is all about.

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