Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring Pillow Cover

This week has just been rough.  I was really sick on Tuesday; it just came out of nowhere.  The rest of the week I've been trying to recover by laying on the couch and watching lots of TV.  Eventually though there comes a time where you've hit the end of TV so I got up and make a cute little pillow case in honor of Spring. 

This one is very similar to the fall tree pillow made a while back.  I've had this idea for a while and never found time so I'm glad I finally got around to it. 

I made it with a pocket back so it's easy to wash!

TADA!  another cute pillow cover!  Who wants it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blue Laptop Pouch

Just before Christmas Jeff and I finally bought a laptop.  I'm pretty sure we're the only people I know who didn't have one until now, so we finally did it.  Shortly after the laptop purchase we took a trip to Orlando. (Which was awesome and I want to move there) =)  Problem is, we didn't have a laptop case.

Problem solved.

The morning before we left to Orlando I whipped this bad boy up. 
Simple and quick.
Of course, as always, I didn;t have a pattern so it probably took me way longer than it should have but regardles it was done with in a couple of hours.  Just in time to take it on the plane.
Pretty Sweet. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cardinal Kitchen Towels

I did not make any new years resolutions this year... or for the last couple of years for that matter.  I never seem to follow through on them completely and then I feel bad about it.  This year instead of making resolutions I'm just going to add to a previous list of things I want to get done in my lifetime, that way if I don't complete them by the time I'm gone it wont even matter and if I do cross them of my list I'll be pretty proud of myself.  

Two of my new items on the list are to sew more and to blog more.   I've found that this is a great way of cataloguing my projects and it's just really fun to look back and see what I've managed to complete throughout the year!  So, In honor of my list here is the fist post of the year!

I wanted to do some quick projects during Christmas that I could give away and with the help of my creative husband he suggested I make my brother-in-law some new kitchen towels for his apartment.  Since he is a student at Ball State I figured, why not make some Ball State inspired towels?  The best part about it is that no one else will have the same ones.  I love it.

The first two I made were embroidered B's. Also attached with some heat&bond.  the background was sewed with red thread on top and white bobbin thread so you see as little as possible.  Very simple, but very cute.

The third one was attached with heat & bond as well and painted with permanent marker.  I heard it doesn't wash off so I'm really hoping it's true.  Has anyone else ever used permanent marker on fabric?  If it works I may definitely do it again.  I love to draw and it was fun to do it with fabric.

All done!