Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend - A Tri & Some Pukes

I literally just cannot keep up sometimes with this blog.  Summer is supposed to be about relaxing and yet I find that we're constantly doing things and not much of them are relaxing.  Keeping the kids busy and taking them on adventures is so much fun and rewarding to see them so excited but relaxing is so not something we do with kids.  Lately we've expanded on our after dinner walks around the neighborhood to occasionally stopping by Grand Valley and enjoying the scenery. Noah seems to enjoy riding his bike for much longer when he gets to explore the campus.  I sure hope he's a Laker when he gets older. We pulled out the attachment for Jeffs bike so they can ride in the back with him.  We tested it out with both kids and although I think Peyton is a touch to short to touch the bottom, in a month or so he should be doing pretty good.  Noah takes up so much room though, there is no way they will both fit in there next year.

This weekend we headed down to Kalamazoo for Jeffs first triathlon of the season.  We weren't on the road for more than twenty minutes when Peyton barfed all of the back seat. We turned around, headed back home, gave him a quick bath while Jeff hosed the car seat down and then we tried again.  We we're settled at my moms house for the night, we all went to bed no problem.  Noah and I slept together and about two hours after I headed to bed Noah woke up with a huge puke all over the covers.  I totally forgot my glasses so I was blindly trying to figure out where all the mess was and how I could get Noah to the bathroom.  I had to wake Jeff up to help me.  What a mess. The bed what so not usable after that so Noah went to sleep in Jeffs room with two twin beds and I hopped in with Peyton.  Thinking the disaster was over I slept the entire night to wake up and find that Jeff and Noah had been up four times in the middle of the night puking. Noah told us he was feeling much better though, so after one last dry heave in the morning we woke Peyton up and we all headed out to the tri to cheer on Jeff.  By the way, it was his birthday.  Happy pukey birthday Jeff. : /

We all made it through.  Sunday was such a long day and everyone was exhausted.  We did a million loads of laundry and my Moms house before we left and finally headed home.  By the time we got there I was feeling way under the weather.  We toughed it up to celebrate Jeffs birthday and then we put everyone to bed.  I took a shower and puked all over.  I can't believe it got me too.  Such a bummer.  Needless to say, our weekend was full of ups and downs.  I'm glad to be back at work and catch a break before next weekend.  Noahs birthday party is happening and my little Baby Bear is no longer a baby!   Gosh it makes me so sad. We need another baby.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Playa Del Carmen - 2017

We're back!  Exclamation?  Yep, that's right.  We had such a great time but I was so ready to be back and see the kids.  Kind of made me wish we could have seen them a little more.  Maybe just at night to tuck them in.  We still had an awesome time though.  Lots of relaxing, laying by the pool, eating way too much food and sleeping in 'till whenever.   That's what vacation is all about, right?

I finally got my tan back and no peeling yet *fingers crossed*.  I'm so ready for it to be that warm here too.  I want to get the paddle board out and check out the new houses on our road.  I want to show Peyton the beach and watch how much sand he eats.  I want to wear shorts all day.  Ugh... so excited!

As for now, we're back to normal schedule seeing each other in passing during the week.  Nothing like getting home at midnight and going back to work at seven in the morning just to work seven straight days.  Bummer.   Good news though; we've got three birthdays and an anniversary coming up in the next three weeks so lots of parties and fun soon to come. =)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Summer Walks

One of my favorite things lately, now that it's getting warmer is going on our after dinner walks around the street.  Peyton is so chill and just hangs out and Noah rides his bike riding way faster than he should and giving me heart attacks as he turns the corners.  Sometimes late at night, when the kids are tired I swear that's when they get the whiny face going and I feel like they need the most attention.  Being outside though makes everything better and re-sets their mood so we're ready to take baths and do our night time routine.

This weekend, although not after dinner, but after nap, we headed out as a family to GV for a walk.  That is by far the best place to walk around.   Now that is summer it's just slow enough that there aren't students everywhere and Noah can ride around without running into somebody.   I love taking pictures of the kids there too.  The trees and flowers are the best around the spring and summer and I snap away while they just hang out.  We get to talk about the buildings and show Noah where we lived while on campus.  We talk about what we want to learn when we go to college or look at the bugs and leaves on the ground.  So much to do!  But mostly, we get out energy our and it makes a great way to settle into a nap or into bed and that my friends, is easy parenting at it's best. Jeff would say.