About Me

Hi. I'm Cristina.
Wife. Mommy. Crafter. Sewer. Blogger. Dispatcher.

I grew up with two younger sisters in a small town in Michigan.
Left for college and met my husband while both working at the Police Department as students.
We both got real jobs, fell in love, bought a house and got married. 

All my friends left the area and I needed a new hobby so I took up sewing.
I started looking online at tutorials for quilting and since my sister was having a baby I decided to give my first one to her!  My sewing abilities have come so far since then but what a great way to start.
Finally I started this blog as a way to keep busy at work during our down times.  It's turned in to such a fun way to channel my creative thoughts, my love for anything technology related and life in general.

As this was all taking place Hubby and I were also in the middle of trying to start a family.  We had no luck for a very long time.  We failed at getting pregnant to begin with and when we finally did we had two miscarriages at twelve and six weeks.  About a year after our last miscarriage we finally conceived again and had our first baby boy in June of 2013.
We could not be happier to have Finally! been blessed with a child. =)

...and with that, this blog, also turned out to be a little diary of this family and our life.

Check out our family milestones - We built a House!
Come follow along for all the progress!
We had baby #2 - Peyton David in August 2016
We had baby #3 - Caleb Warren in April 2018

Thanks for stopping by!

...and feel free to contact me at Clunitic@yahoo.com =)