Monday, April 20, 2015

Life With Two Parents

We had such beautiful warm days this weekend and we lived it up as long as we could.  That was, until the pouring rain we got Sunday afternoon which is slated to last for the next zillion days.  Can you even believe Jeff and I had the entire weekend of work together?!  A miracle.  And an amazing one at that.  For you parents that have weekends and weeknights off together... we're super jealous over here.  We were able to get so much accomplished and even had time for alone time, together time, nap time and work out time!  You can fit so much in when there are two adults in the house! (and seriously, I can't believe we both fell asleep together on the couch.  I woke up and he was totally out.  So amazing.) 

We spent some time outside and made the best of our still dirt driveway. We pulled out the beach toys and went to town while Jeff worked out in the garage cleaning and organizing the mess we still have in there. These ones from Target are the best and I always find them on sale for super cheap so I keep snagging them.  I think I need to stop because we're starting to get double of some of them.

For whatever reason, Noah has been obsessed with our cars.  Every time we're outside he points to them, run over and wants to open the door to get in.  Maybe it's the buttons, who knows, but it's just another half hour to keep him occupied while I hang out and catch up on instagram.

Jeff and I were able to get a babysitter for a couple of hours on Saturday and snuck out for some furniture shopping and a lunch date at Five Guys. Which by the way, best burger EVER. And I've had my good share of burgers.  I would definitely recomend going there if you haven't before. In reference to the furniture shopping.... First of, it's expensive!  Like everything I like is expensive.  And everything out there is so traditional.  When you finally find something more modern, it's even more expensive.  Or maybe I just have expensive taste, who knows.  Also, why can't all furniture just be made custom?  Wouldn't that just be so much easier for everyone. Plus who wants the same things everyone else has anyway?  Finally, I know furniture stores make money on commission, but seriously, the number one thing we realized this weekend is salesmen do not need to stalk you throughout the store!  We will find you when we need something or are ready to order, ok? Ok, end rant about furniture shopping.  We did find something we liked.  We didn't order it since we wanted to go home and re-measure... but we'll be back, and when we are, I may stop by Five Guys one more time.  

We ended our weekend with a huge dance party on the deck with our new bluetooth speaker.  Why we haven't gotten one of those before is crazy but it's super amazing to have it out without a phone around that Noah is constantly trying to grab at.  Jeff and I we're able to hang out on our new patio furniture enjoying the lake and the sunset in the awesome warm weather before heading inside for the night.  If this is any indication of summer.... I'm already excited.

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