Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Twenty Three Months

The closer it gets to Noah's birthday the more I'm excited that this year I'm not planning a huge party. I happen to work on that weekend and the house doesn't even have a driveway for people to park in, or grass to walk on... so I think it might just be some family and cake and icecream and we'll call it a day, right?  I mean, he wont even remember this birthday anyway.  Next year we'll do something big.  Maybe a lake party?  I like it.

The most exciting thing this month is Noah is finally starting to talk!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel... well actually, we're still right at the beginning but at least there is hope my kid wont be mute. "No" is the big word around the house.

Me: Noah, would you like to come eat lunch?
Noah: Nooooe.... (in the sweetest most non mean voice)
Me: Noah, do you want to give mommy a hug?
Noah: Noooe.... (keeps trying to climb the cofee table)
Me: Noah, can you please get off the table?
Noah: Noooe... (Smiles at me as he's sitting on the table)
Me: Noah, are you sure you don't want any milk?
Noah: Noooe.....(and then realizes he actually does and just likes to say no and signs for his milk) lol
      That's what I thought kid.

  • Stats: Size 6 Diapers | 2T-3T clothing
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • New Abilities: He's pretty much mastered the cup.  He's eating great with a fork and spoon.  He can jump with both feet and pretty much do most physical activities we do.  We never put up gates at the new house and it's worked out great.  Noah goes up and down with no problems.  We barely watch him at this point.  He can pretty much go to most parts of the house on his own with the exception of a few rooms with have child door locks. He's running super fast and sometimes stands on his tiptoes to look over things which is the cutest. 
  • New Words: So as I said above, I think it's getting better.  I don't feel as stressed out and I'm excited for the speech therapist to see him this month.  New words: onion, oval, home, no, ya.
  • Sleep: Daycare has kind of put a damper on sleeping for us.  His night time sleep is pretty good but he does wake up here and there which is super annoying.  We'll let him cry it out, sometimes he goes back down, sometimes he needs something like a wet or poopy diaper. In the morning instead of sleeping 'till eight he's been getting up around seven which obviously is not as nice but it's not terrible.  Most days he's super hungry in the morning possibly from not eating enough at daycare.  Or maybe it's just a growth spurt.  Who knows.  Naps are shorter. An hour at worst, two at best. 
  • Mom Check-In: I'm still not getting nearly enough sleep.  I'm trying to make it a point to go to bed super early on some of the nights Jeff is working and let things go for another day.  I did take two naps on mothers day weekend which was amazing.  I sure do miss taking naps whenever before Noah was around.  In the next few weeks we have Jeff, Noah and my birthdays as well as our anniversary, a wedding shower and a bachelor/bachelorette party so we're looking at a few busy weeks ahead.  May and June will sure go by fast and then it'll be super hot and Noah and I will be out getting our tan on on the lake.  Super exciting.

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