Monday, July 27, 2015

Noah's Got Some Basketball Skills

What a nice weekend of we had.  Saturday we stopped by my moms house to visit and show her Noah's new talking skills.  He's doing so much better and every day he says new words.   He's also starting to put words together into sentences which is so fun to watch.  My favorite from this weekend was toothbrush, "tooshtush".  He got into my spare toothbrush I keep in the lower bathroom for when I get ready in the mornings and said, "mama, tooshtush. You Doc (as in Doc McStuffins) Tooshtush"  He calls himself you because when we point at him he's "you" and doesn't understand when he's talking about himself he should use "me".  But good enough. 

On Sunday we stopped by Lowes one again to pick up more supplies for the never ending needs of our new house.  Who knew owning a new house still came with so many projects?  Noah helped Jeff pick out a new lawnmower.  He may as well since in a couple years he will be helping out with the lawn too!

The rest of the weekend we spent making lots of new recipes.  Strawberry butter, lemon poppy-seed cake, and oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes.  We spent some time out on the beach cooling of from this crazy heat wave and hung out around the house keeping Noah entertained in between meals. 

Noah's basketball skills are improving as we keep moving the basketball hoop up higher and higher.  Plus check out Noah back muscles, the kid is solid.

The Dr. might think the kid is overweight but I think he's just a big fit guy who may or may not end up being a linebacker.  I refuse to change his eating and playing habits because I think he's doing just fine.
Overall a very successful family weekend.  Next week though we're back to scheduled activities.  We'll have our last triathlon of the season and we're looking forward to having family stay at the house.

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