Thursday, June 8, 2017

Noah Turns 4!

I stayed home from work this morning and gave Noah extra snuggles.  He came in our room bright and early and said his tummy hurt.  I'm pretty sure he knew he was the birthday boy and anything goes today.  We made special sprinkle pancakes and blew out some candles.  We sang happy birthday and I'm sure this is the first year he's realized he's kind of a big deal.  He grinned the whole song.

Noah is growing up to be quite the beautiful kid.  He's smiley and nice. Super polite and so grown up for just being four years old.  He's smart and witty and pretty cool; much cooler than I ever was, that's for sure.  I know he secretly loves his brother even though he doesn't let him play with his toys and claims he doesn't like hugs from him because he's slobbery, but once in a while you'll catch him talking to Peyton, handing him some extra toys or even play wrestling while I'm steps away. I'm looking forward to Peyton getting older to see what kind of relationship these two will have.

My hopes for you, my little baby boy, is to always stay little and love on your mom.  I'm going to need your hugs and snuggles even when you're twenty. I hope you continue to get excited for the little things and you teach your brother just how great of a quality that is. I hope you continue wanting to know more because a smart kid will do great things when he gets older.  But my biggest hope of all is that you keep loving family time as much as you do now because I know when you get older other things may seem more fun but nothing will ever be as important as loving on your family.

Happy Birthday Noah Bear!

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