Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nebraska Wedding Weekend

I feel like I've been slacking updating the blog but I feel like we've just been so busy!  Last weekend we drove for what seems like forever to Nebraska to Jeff's cousins wedding. Over the course of the vacation we were in the car for almost twenty four hours and drove around 1,400 miles.  Thankfully we rented a car that made the trip more comfortable and Noah was pretty well behaved throughout the trip so it went as well as it could have.  We had the occasional whining and asking to get out of the seat repeatedly after only being in for ten minutes but we did well timing his night sleep and naps with the driving so most of the time he was pretty happy.   I hopped in the back seat only once to keep him company and read him some books but for the most part we ate losts of snacks and sang and talked and he was content.

I had high hopes for the sleeping part but it just didn't quite work out.  We had asked for a crib, and instead received a pack and play which is so not the same.  (If you're a hotel, please specify.  I'm sure other parents would appreciate that as well!) I was really bummed knowing he would not sleep in the pack and play due to the small size and of course ended up sleeping between Jeff and I most nights. It wasn't all bad though.  He's really moving so much less now in bed and the snuggles are really nice.  I got decent sleep and a good amount too since I would go to sleep with him and he slept like a rock for the most part which is more than I can say when he sleeps in his own bed at home.

For the wedding we got a last minute babysitter; a friend of a cousin, and she worked out much better than expected.  She sat in bed with him until he fell asleep and then hung out in the room while he was sleeping and we were enjoying a couple of hours of fun time at the wedding. When we got back he was still sleeping and never made a noise until the morning.  Couldn't have worked out better.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was when we visited the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE.  They were only a couple of minutes from our hotel and during down time we decided to walk around and let Noah burn off some energy.  I don't think they boys cared much one way or another but I loved seeing all the flowers.  Makes me wish our house looked more like that and then I remember how little time I even have to catch up on The Real Housewives.   I could never have a garden like this.  Maybe when our kids get older, right?

So we're finally home and settled back into normal routine.  I took the day of work on Monday and did a million loads of laundry and cleaned the whole house while Noah and Jeff blew bubbles and worked on counting. It doesn't hurt that Noah took a three hour nap.  He must have needed rest from the trip too.

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