Friday, August 14, 2015

Phase 1 of Landscaping

I have big plans for our landscaping at the new house.  I want big trees and lots of flowers.  A path leading down to the beach.  A rose garden and lots of fruit trees.  A nice garden and a huge raspberry bush.  I seriously want it all done and grown and big and pretty like in a weekend.  Obviously I know that's impossible and although it's so frustrating knowing I have to wait, we've started on a little of our plan.  I'll have to work on my patience.  After our house was done being built we were left with such a giant pile of dirt as our yard.  It was really hard to imagine it would be anything other. See pictures full of dirt below.

I spent hours looking through Pinterest and then drawing plans out of paper to show Jeff what I wanted.  A couple of weeks ago we got some of the easy front planters planted and have been not at all patiently waiting for the grass to come up before we do anything else. But at last, the grass is starting to look much better and even a little thick beside the house.  The front and back still have some work to do and Jeff says we'll have to re-seed in the fall but I'm happy to say that at least for now we have part of the plan in motion.

Hopefully in the fall we can get some more landscaping done beside the house.  I'm looking at a nice big tree on the left of the house and some flowers around. We need to plant the rest of the regular and fruit trees too.  Next year once things are more settled I hope to get the garden back again.  I miss the lettuce and Jeff could use some tomatoes and arugula for salads. The beach area could use some help too but I'm not really sure where to start there so for now we'll be enjoying our little flowers and especially that nice green grass that's finally making it's way up.

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