Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sledding and Toddler Dates

Jeff is out of the state for some training so it's just Noah and I this week at home.  We've had to get creative with our activities to pass the time, but having an extra day of daycare has really helped not get too bogged down with stress.   We've ventured outside in the cold for Noah first time sledding.  He was a little worried at first but after watching me go down the hill he wanted a try too.  We took a walk around the neighborhood and noticed no one else was outside.  It was nice to enjoy the quiet while I pulled Noah in the sled.

We went out to a Target and Applebees date which was great.  Noah helped me pick out some valentines day presents and chose some new dinner plates.  Of course the picked the most pink plate possible.  He was such a good boy at Applebees. Tried to open the door for me, told me he needed hugs and kisses and lots of cuddles while we waited for our food.   We were seated at a two person booth which kind of scary since he can get in and out whenever, but he stayed in his seat the whole time, ate all his food and we laughed and talked.  He's just such a big boy now.

We've got one more day 'till daddy gets home and lucky for me Noah has daycare tomorrow while I have a day off so I'll be catching up on lots of laundry, cleaning and hopefully getting some dinner ready.  Most likely taking a nap since I'm sick again for the millionth time in the last three months.  These allergies are killing me and I've got to get better before I have to do single mom all over again next week.  I'm exhausted and I'm ready for summer to be here already. #momlife

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