Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Project

We woke up Friday morning hoping for a baby to come and join us but apparently that wasn't in the cards for us this weekend. Instead we ended up making a trip to Lowes for a good weekend project to keep us busy.   When we first moved into our house last year, we bought the cheapest mailbox ever knowing we would replace it with a much cooler one down the line.  We didn't want to spend much at the time, knowing we would replace it so it's the most basic, wobbly and smallest mailbox ever.  Not to mention the postman probably hates it because he can't fit anything inside of it.  Although he tries, and it drives me crazy because I always have half stuck out packages in my mailbox.

We wanted the mailbox to match the stone pillars on the front of the house so we made a drawing, picked out a mailbox and did lots of scribbling on a piece of paper to figure out measurements and went to town.

Our plan was to make the pillar, cover it with wood and then attach the stone on the outside.  Come to find out, wood probably isn't the best thing to attach stone to since it warps over time.  Even though we had made the whole base, we decided to take it mostly apart and attach cement board on the outside instead.  A better was for the stone to attach to the pillar.  A little trial and error but I think it was probably for the best.   And that's as far as we've gotten as of now.  I can't say I was much help since this was mostly a one person job but Noah and I were outside all weekend enjoying the heat wave cheering on daddy. Depending on when this baby makes his arrival we may or may not have time to finish up attaching the stone to the outside, putting the topper on the mailbox and then attaching the mailbox to the pillar.  Maybe next weekend.  Hopefully before winter.

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