Friday, July 8, 2016

Our Fourth Of July

As always, better later than never. We had a wonderful time in Tawas at Jeffs' parents as we always do but let me tell you, being nine months pregnant and driving four hours each way and sleeping at someone elses house is not always the best thing for relaxation. We started out the night before we were supposed to leave with Noah being up all night and all three of us getting about three hours of sleep total.  After hours of being awake we realized Noahs eardrums has popped and he was in lots of pain.  We debated going to the Dr. on Saturday but figured since we had all the medicine we needed from last time we would just skip it and figure it out on our own.  We still ended up going on our trip.

The first night of sleep was rough with Noah waking up every two hours and therefore waking us up too.  He would go back down, but still annoying when you're trying to catch up from the night before. Not to mention I also kept having to get up to use the bathroom except I had to wait 'till he was back asleep before I even left the room in case I woke him up all the way.  After the first night in Tawas though, Noah did great.  Slept the next two nights all the way until six and partied all day eating way too much candy, swimming in the lake and wearing his necklaces from morning to night.  Not to mention all the fun play time he got with family.

We finally made it back home on Tuesday with just enough time to unpack, clean up and do most of the laundry.  We put Noah to bed early and relaxed before starting the rest of our short week. I'm so thankful we only worked a couple of days this week because I'm pretty sure I'm still exhausted from the weekend.  We're looking forward to this coming weekend so we can get one last date before the baby comes and hopefully lots and lots of naps.  Preggo life at it's finest.

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