Friday, September 23, 2016

Peyton - Seven Weeks Old

Noah Seven Week Update

We're starting to really get in a good routine at home.  Finally settling into having two little people around the house.  I feel like Peytons' been here way longer than he has.  Noah has adjusted quite well to Peyton and is mostly a good helper unless he's in one of his moods. #justlikemom  Then he just throws a toddler fit and we try and pass time until he gets his crap together again. Overall though, we're doing much better than expected.  I wonder if Peyton just seems easier because we've already done it once before or because he really is an easier baby.... not that Noah was that hard but more overwhelming switching from no kids to one?  Who knows.

I'm finally back at work for a couple of days a week and that is super nice.  Great to get a little computer time in and get stuff done.  Also great to talk to adults and laugh at how ridiculous and highschoolish adults still are.  I missed that. Going back part time will be nice in the long run too because I'll technically be part time until Christmas so I'll be able to be home with the kids a little more for longer.  Really it's best for everyone.
  • How old is Peyton?: 7 Weeks
  • Peyton is how big?:  Just under 12lbs
  • Sleep: 4-5 hour stretches at night and we try to wake him up during the day if it's been three ish hours since he last ate. He's typically up for about an hour and then sleeps for about two... all day long. We put him down for the night sometime between 6p-8p depending on how fussy he is but his witching hour/s haven't been that bad (like Noah was) so it's a little easier. At night usually he will sleep 7ish - midnight ish - 4ish - up for the day anywhere from 6a-8a.  Depending on if Jeff is working that night he might take the first feed and then I do the next otherwise we switch.  It's nice only getting up once at night. =)
  • Milestones: His head continues to seem really strong.  I'm amazed at how well he has control.  Maybe it's because his head is not as big as Noahs was.  The best though is all the smiling this kid does.  He cooing and the noises are so fun.  He's such a happy kid and as long as he's not gassy or hungry he's so content. 
  • Weigh Progress: I had my six week check up and I probably have 7-10 lbs to lose but I'm not super worried.  My pants fit so that's good enough.  
  • Best Moment of the Week:  Grandma came back down this week for a surprise couple of days which was great.  Going back to work was also much needed and I'm happy to get back to some sort of routine. 
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Grandma #2 is here this coming weekend which means more help, more cuddles and more sleep.  ...and maybe my first night out for a couple of drinks which is also much needed. 

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