Monday, July 11, 2011

A New Start

I'm so excited to finally start my own blog! I supposed this isn't my first one since I did have one waaay back in the day in high school however, lots of things have changed since then and this one will be much more different.

After much consideration about whether or not I wanted to start a new hobby I decided to go for it and I bought a sewing machine. In my line of work, I have a lot of free time and so searching the web until I get a call is mostly what I do. (Along with playing computer games, catching up on the blogs I read, and watching my TV shows) Recently though, and when I mean recently I mean the last six months, I have been looking at a lot of blogs of people creating beautiful things with their sewing machines.  Soooo, in getting to the point, I decided I wanted to start quilting, and sewing and crafting so here I am!

The first thing I tackled was my soon to be little nephew's new baby blanket, and although I had some rookie mistakes, I think it turned out pretty good.  So here are some pictures!

My first attempt at the ever so popular stippling technique.  It took a little getting used to and my arms were rather sore by the end of day one of two but eventually I think I got it for the most part.

What I did learn from this one is that the thread should be the same color as the binding for the most part.  I think that would have looked better and in later quilts it definitely shows.

And the finished product! All done and ready for baby boy to come!

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  1. This is so great! I can't believe this is your first time with stippling- it looks perfect. I have been quilting for years and STILL cannot do a decent looking stipple.