Saturday, April 19, 2014

Party Planning

It's getting close guys! We're about seven weeks away from Noah's first birthday.  As I've said before, it's such a big deal for me. I've been waiting for this since he was born.  I was just never meant to be a mom to a baby. Toddler I can handle, but I just do not have the kind of patience it takes to take care of a newborn. So, in a way, this is a celebration for me too. (Not to mention my birthday is the day before anyway.)

So thoughts of this party started to swirl around about a month ago.  Should I do a theme, a color? What should I serve, how many people should we invite?  I think the first birthday is a little different than the rest.  There are milestone birthdays and this is one of them.  So we're planning on inviting all the family in the area, and some close friends.  It's a lot of people. We've decided to do it graduation style, that way anyone can come and go as they please.  We'll put the time of the cake smash on the invitation if anyone wants to watch. Otherwise, it'll be a come and go party. 

So about a month ago, I drew this:
With all my thoughts and ideas. On the tiniest piece of paper I could find.  lol. No idea why.  And I came up with a color scheme I liked and threw out the theme idea because I kind of thought that was a little cheesy.  Especially since Noah doesn't really know what's going on and the adults are the ones to enjoy this party anyway. 

We're going for black and white and silver with pops of blue. So this weekends I've gotten super crafty with my time and got to work!

So far, we've got the NOAH black letters for the food table (I also found the cutest cake stand at PIER1), the cake topper, the "one" banner for the high chair and some little cupcake toppers.  I found the best glitter paper at hobby lobby for most of the projects.  It's much thicker than regular paper and holds up much better.  I also purchased a great black and white runner to put on the food table, some stripped straws in blue and silver for the guests, and a great silver garland.  I think all that's left is the food and the balloons and we should be ready to roll! Who's getting pumped. 

I will be enjoying a cold beverage for sure on this birthday. Yay Noah for turning one. Thank goodness I've almost made it!

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  1. I think a potato themed party is a great idea