Monday, August 18, 2014

Fall Is Here For Us...

Summer is not technically over, but for our family it may as well be.  School starts again at our local colleges and since both Jeff and I both work for them our busy season has begun.  We'll be working forty plus hours and opposite shifts.  No more sister-in-law day care since she also will be going back to school, which means we're now single parents half the time.  It's not all that bad but it certainly makes you appreciate how great summer is.

Noah is still loving the outdoors.  We've spent so much time out in the back yard running around. He's mesmerized by the hose and loves to drag it around. Firefighter in the future?  Not sure how Jeff would feel about that. Our garden finally seems to have sprouted.  Much later than last year but alas it's here.  Noah loves picking the tomatoes of the plant and using his one top tooth to bite through.  He just loves tomatoes.

After waiting all summer and thinking my broccoli plant would never produce despite the largeness I found there is actually something resembling broccoli in there!  I was so excited!  The most pumped one could be for broccoli, which I'm sure Noah will refuse to eat.

So far, we've gotten a ton of lettuce and arugula and the tomatoes are just starting to turn red. In a couple weeks we'll be swimming in tomatoes and we wont know what to do with them!  So here's to the end of summer.  You've been good to us! Bring on the fall.  It may be busy but we still have bonfires, cooler weather for cuter clothes and fall boots and maybe Noah's first football game. Who knows!

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