Monday, August 25, 2014

Noah's One Year Pictures

We're lucky to have a photographer that always takes such good pictures of us and this time was no exception.  Of course it's taken over three months to get around to posting, but why not now?  Better late than never right?  Noah was a little squirmy this day and just wanted to run around.  Seems to be something toddlers do I suppose.  And although he did not cooperate much, we got some pretty good ones to frame around the house.

dress (charlotte russe) shoes (also)
jeffs shirt (gap) shorts (h&m)
noahs outfit (oldnavy) shoes (target)

Days after this shoot we decided to put away those cute little shoes Noah's wearing.  Poor little guys feet are so sausagie even his cankles stick out the top! =) Such a little cutie he is.

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  1. Those pictures are so awesome!!! Noah is just precious and you guys look like such a happy family!