Friday, August 1, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Um... where has summer gone already?  Can you believe it's August!  Holy moly.  The good thing about August is that fall is almost here and there is no better season than fall.  The crisp air, the cute clothes, the smell of bonfires, falling leaves and a cold bedroom to sleep in at night with the covers over your head.  Love.

I'm looking forward to this weekend and ready to get out of work.  Six hours left to go! I need to catch up on some sleep this weekend for sure and after a good vacation and lots of quality time with my boys I've been really missing it this week.  At the house, we're getting geared up for one of the last triathlons of the season and this one is super special because most of Jeffs family will be a part of it.  We even had matching shirts for the occasion!  Fierce competition is heating up between my husband and his cousin.  I'll update you last week on who will cross the finish line first!

Ok, on to blog business.  Here are this week internet findings of my favorite things!

I've been meaning to make a growth chart for Noah (and our future kids) and I saw this tutorial of an arrow which is super cute.  I also really love this wooden growth chart.

You know like everyday when you come home the first thing  you do is take your work clothes on and put on some comfy clothes.  This shirt should be part of that outfit for sure. Plus this website has some other pretty hilarious tees. 

For those who don't know, we're in the process of building a house.  Like the very early stages because who knew even figuring out the right floor plan could be so hard.  And did I tell you I have the most expensive taste ever?!  Ugh.  I blame it on Pinterest for giving me false hope of what I can have.  Especially this entry.  I HAVE to have two stories.  I love stairs so much.  

Another example of false hope?  This closet. Can I win the lottery please?

But, on the weekends, when you finally get a babysitter and want to impress your hubster.  These shoes are a must.  If I didn't have a million shoes this color I would for sure buy them. 

I change my wallpaper on my computer a couple of time a month because I keep finding such good ones. These would also make some good phone wallpapers.

Have you seen the video West Elm just posted about folding a fitted sheet?  Mind blown.

Happy weekend guys!

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